Black Suspect Fired Shots at Truck Flying ‘Make America Great Again’ Flag

Black Suspect Fired Shots at Truck Flying ‘Make America Great Again’ Flag

Several shots were fired at a truck flying a “Make America Great Again” flag and an American flag on a highway in Indianapolis on Tuesday, Fox 59 reported.

According to reports from the Indiana State Police, the shots had been fired at the truck from what officers believe had been a new version white 4-door Chevrolet Malibu, with a Louisiana plate, close to Emerson Avenue at around 4 p.m.

The driver of the truck who was the victim in this scenario, as well as one witness of the event, informed police that the Malibu pulled up right next to the pickup truck, and the person that had been sitting in the passenger seat held a handgun out of the window, before firing several shots.

Fortunately, the police came forward with a report claiming that no one was injured in the accident.

The driver of the Malibu was described as a black male around the age of 23. The passenger was described as a light-skinned black male with a sleeve tattoo on his right arm.

The incident occurred just one day before a gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers practicing for the annual Congressional Baseball game where House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and several others were wounded.

Scalise, who was shot in the hip, remains hospitalized in critical condition.

The liberal Democrats have taken their liberty way too serious, up to the point where they think they can lead whole crowds of people and condone and encourage violence over President Trump, his administration and his supporters.

The Left Refuses to Tone Down Their Inflammatory Language, and As a Result We Now Have War in The Streets

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