Theresa May Recived Enough Backing to Stay in Office for Now

Theresa May Recived Enough Backing to Stay in Office for Now

Conservative members of Parliament (MP) backed British Prime Minister Theresa May to stay in office following a meeting Monday.

A senior MP said “the whole party agreed” to not start a leadership battle after Thursday’s election failure, Sky News reports. The Conservatives were the most popular party but lost its absolute majority in parliament.

May apologized for the election results and said she’s ready to serve as “long as you want me to do.”

“I got us into this mess, I’ll get us out of it,” May reportedly told Conservative members of parliament.

May acknowledged she is no longer “calling the shots,” saying her authority is “extremely fractured.”

“She was contrite, genuine but not on her knees,” said a veteran backbencher.

“If she’d performed like that during the election, we’d have done much better,” said another senior Conservative.

The PM was described as both “apologetic” and “impressive” – giving what was described as an “emotionally intelligent” speech. There was a discussion about what went wrong and what went right in the General Election.

On Brexit, the PM is said to have promised to “listen to all sides of the party”.

Both Leave and Remain supporting MPs coming out of the meeting seemed to agree on one thing: there would be no leadership challenge.

“The whole party agreed” and there was “not a single dissenting voice”, according to one MP.

The Conservatives have not been able to lock down support from the Democratic Unionist Party. May said she’s hoping to reach a deal within the next few days.

The delay could postpone the Queen’s Speech scheduled for June 19. The speech has to be written five days in advance to allow the ink to dry on goatskin paper. It has to be produced on a certain material to be able to preserve it in archives for up to 500 years.

“There will be an update from the Leader of the House about the state opening date shortly,” a government spokesman told The Telegraph.

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