Guess who’s Behind Anti-Trump Activist Group “Reagan Battalion”

Guess who's Behind Anti-Trump Activist Group "Reagan Battalion"

Just two (( tribesters )) shills earning their shekels trolling online and on MSM

The Reagan Battalion – an anonymous group that pretends to be operating with the conservative interest in mind – has had a busy year.

You may remember that back in February they launched a vicious smear campaign against Pro-Trump activist, Milo Yiannopoulos. Their campaign against him involved an edited video that managed to lose him his book deal, speaking engagement at CPAC, and ultimately caused him to resign from sooner than expected.

Since then, The Reagan Battalion has been previously tied to far left liberal PACs, Soros-funded activist groups, while enjoying a very cozy relationship with #NeverTrumper Ben Shapiro.

Reagan Battalion has gone out of their way to attack President Trump and other Pro-Trump conservatives at every turn, in a since deleted tweet, they proclaimed “The choice is abundantly clear! You either stand with Donald Trump & the KKK, or with the #NeverTrump movement!” Sounds pretty similar to what far-left political activists and NeoCons keep saying, right?

Back in February, you might also remember that we reported fairly extensively on collusion between Soros far left groups, #NeverTrumpers who paid for opposition research, and an Even McMullin campaign site.

Just last week the Reagan Battalion cheered the exit of Steve Bannon along with Ben Shapiro and a handful of other #NeverTrumpers.

Even more recently, they are going after  Right Side Broadcasting Network host Nicholas Fuentes ; they’ve attempted to “dox, shame, bully, purge, and get him fired” according to GotNews. Well, yesterday evening one clever YouTuber claims to have been contacted by a low-level Reagan Battalion member who has verified the ringleader of the #NeverTrumper group as … wait for it… drum rolls …. orthodox jew Benny Polatseck.

Benny Polatseck Reagan Battalion

Who would have guessed the shill was a kike? (rolling eyes)

After this was reported to YouTuber WildGooseBWC , he decided to do some legwork of his own to check into whether the info lined up; to do this he did a comparison of Twitter accounts belonging to The Reagan Battalion, Benny Polatseck, and Colassal PR (a NeoCon strategy and design firm owned by Mr. Polatseck)… well, the results are in.

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