REPEATING HISTORY: The Jewish Attack on America Same as the Jewish Attack on Weimar Republic

The Jewish Attack on America Same as the Jewish Attack on Weimar Republic

One group of people has been raging a relentless war on White America ever since its first large scale wave of immigration to America from Eastern Europe and Russia beginning in 1880.

Through their increased centers of Jewish organizations such as the American Jewish Committee with their first meeting in New York City in 1906 to demand “rights for Jews” (rights were never denied to Jews) and which divided America into 12 Jewish districts – along with Jewry’s economic rise within White America seeking to “strengthen Judaism against its Christian competitors in the marketplace,” Jewry took up arms against traditional White cultural expressions such as Bible readings, prayer, singing of Christmas Carols, and the celebration of Christmas and Easter in America’s schools.

This attack by the Jews on public Christian expression was first outlined by Henry Ford in his book, The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem, published in 1920. Ford and others after him such as Professor Kevin MacDonald have pointed out that it was the American Jewish Committee which first vigorously advocated for open immigration in America beginning in 1914 until the great watershed in 1965 with the Open Immigration Law of 1965, trumpeted, advanced, and implemented through Jewish influence in US Congress.

Ford wrote in 1921 as a warning to America regarding Jewry’s mission to diminish the Euro-White presence in the US:

“The energies of the Jewish powers are concentrated on the task of preventing America from changing the immigration laws in a manner to protect the country from undesirable aliens.”

Prof. Kevin MacDonald wrote in 2002:

“The primary objective of Jewish political activity is to create a Jewish safety-net in a society acceptant of a wide range of attitudes and behaviors, as well as a diversity of religious and ethnic groups.”

Open immigration as foisted on Americans by the Jews has now come home to roost in every major city in the US, turning our once White American cities into Third World scenarios.

“Diversity Is Our Strength!” proclaim the Jews in their closed neighborhoods. But in fact, “Diversity is Jewry’s Strength!” – subverting and weakening the only power bloc that could ever oppose Jewry’s lust for power – White Christians. For it is in a racially diverse environment that Jews can rule over their White Christian hosts.

Attacks on traditional American middle class through entertainment

While even jews admit that Hollywood is run by wealthy Jewish movie moguls and their sycophant Jewish actors and script writers, the entertainment of Americans is focused on undermining the confidence of traditional white Western man.

Best examples are the District 9 movie with it’s sequel Elysium in which writer-director Neill Blomkamp (jew) gives us the delusions and the peculiarly poisonous moral idealism behind the ideology of “Open Borders.” While the purpose of the first movie is to mock whites who oppose multiculturalism – the refugee aliens are a metaphor for Third World immigrants living in America and Europe; ‘Humans,’ that is, whites, are shown to be xenophobic nativists with bigoted attitudes towards ‘non humans,’ that is, blacks – the second ones tries to justify invading rich, white populated areas in order to access clean, safe environment and its benefits of unlimited medical care (much as Obama policies of bringing migrants and give Obamacare to everybody at the expense of the white middle class).

Jewishness is being shoved in our faces everywhere we turn. Although jews account for approximately 2.2 percent of the U.S. population they are over-represented all over the American social, political and economical spectrum. Because the Jews wish to position themselves as “victims,” they have exploited the Holohoax to make Americans feel protective of the poor Jewish victim of Anti-Semitism. But has anyone brought to mind that these so called “victims” happen to be the wealthiest sufferers the world has ever known?

Dictating Domestic Policy

On November 9, 2009, fifty Jewish leaders of the Jewish Federations of North America (there are literally THOUSANDS of Jewish organizations EVERYWHERE) met with President Obama at the White House, to discuss “Jewish concerns.”

White House staff at the meeting included all the King’s Jews: Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, top advisers David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett; Office of Management and Budget Director Peter Orszag; National Security Council staffer Dan Shapiro; and White House Jewish outreach official Susan Sher. (No “Smiths” or “Millers” in this list.)

William Daroff, Director of The Jewish Federations of North America’s Washington office, said that the group discussed “issues of concern to the Jewish community including social services, (transfer of wealth from American public to Jewish charities and Jewish controlled companies through Stimulus Plan and QE); foreign policy (giving Israel settlers free reign); and the recession” (keeping the incensed White Goyim at bay.)

Jerry Silverman, President and CEO of The Jewish Federations of North America, told the press after the meeting:

“We were thankful to have an opportunity to discuss a number of our concerns with the administration’s senior team and look forward to continuing to reach out to them in the future to ensure the voice of the Jewish community is heard loud and far in Washington.”

The voice of Jewry being heard “loud and far” in Washington has been on “instant replay” ever since Obama became President in January of 2009.

Again, on July 13, 2009, Obama met with 16 leaders of 14 major US Jewish groups which included the Israel advocacy lobbies, AIPAC and J-Street.

Ratcheting up the pressure on Obama to maintain a domestic policy of “continual crisis” regarding Jewish issues, Ira Forman, Director of the National Jewish Democratic Council and Nathan Diament of the Orthodox Union, stated: “We warned the president of incitements, violence, and commitments on accepting the reality of Israel” (meaning the “reality” of Jewry’s power in America). And, of course, Obama’s Jews, Emanuel and Axelrod, were present in discussing “other issues of Jewish concern.”

Jewish control on wealth

Year by year, Goldman, Sachs and Co., Kuhn, Loeb and Co., Lazard Freres, Lehman Brothers and others, were and still pushing their financial control deeper and deeper into the American economy. It should be noted that though these banking houses also have non-Jewish partners, they nonetheless remain firmly in Jewish hands.

The extent of Jewish financial control is indicated by examining the roster of Directors of America’s leading Corporations. By the 1960’s for instance, Sidney Weinberg of Goldman, Sachs was on the Board of Directors of the Ford Motor Company.

By the 1970’s, other Jewish partners of Goldman, Sachs were on the Board of Directors of such companies as: Continental Can; McKesson and Robbins; Champion Papers; United Biscuit; B.F. Goodrich; Pillsbury; and Sperry-Hutchinson. Partners of the Jewish banking house of Kuhn, Loeb are directors of: Westinghouse; Sears Industries; U.S. Rubber; Getty Oil; and Kennecott Copper, to name a few. Also Lehman Brother partners were directors of: Pan American Airlines; 20th Century Fox; Cheesebrough Pond’s; Bristol-Meyers; RCA; and Caterpillar Tractor, again to name only a few.

And let’s not forget the Federal Reserve Bank.

By changing the supply of money in circulation, the Fed influences interest rates, affecting the mortgage payments of millions of families, causing the financial markets to boom or collapse, and prompting the economy to expand or to stumble into recession. Such awesome power presumably would be used to benefit the U.S. economy BUT THEY ARE NOT they benefit shareholders, that are other banks owning shares in the FED. And as we mentioned above, most of these commercial banks are jew owned.

The Federal Reserve derives its authority from the Congress, which created the System in 1913 with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act. This central banking “system” has three important features:

  1. Central governing board–the Federal Reserve Board of Governors;
  2. Decentralized operating structure of 12 Federal Reserve Banks;
  3. Blend of public and private characteristics.

Each of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks (one for each jewish district…as mentioned at the beginning, in the second paragraph) is organized into a corporation whose shares are sold to the commercial banks and thrifts operating within the Bank’s district. Shareholders elect six of the nine the board of directors for their regional Federal Reserve Bank as well as its president. For example, the top eight stockholders of the New York Fed (one of the 12) were, in order from largest to smallest as of 1983, Citibank, Chase Manhatten, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Bankers Trust Company, National Bank of North America, and the Bank of New York.

The day the Federal Reserve Act was passed, “the Constitution ceased to be the governing covenant of the American people, and our liberties were handed over to a small group of international bankers” (Mullins, Eustace. 1983. Secrets of the Federal Reserve, p. 29).

* * *

While the jewish influence on America is well known, let’s see how similar it was the Jewish influence on the German Weimar Republic.

The POWERS that emerged victorious from World War I made a second war almost inevitable by the peace conditions they imposed upon Germany. That second war was later made certain, not by the intentions of Hitler but by the determination of his enemies to destroy the new Germany that he had created.

By the Treaty of Versailles on 28 June 1919 and the Treaty of St. Germain on 20 September of the same year, the German people were thoroughly humiliated. The British Prime Minister, Lloyd George, wrote:

‘The international bankers swept statesmen, politicians, journalists and jurists all to one side and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute monarchs.’

The old Austrian Empire was balkanised without respect to its various cultures and nationalities. East Prussia was separated from Germany by a large area ceded to Poland. The Sudeten Germans were placed under Czech control. The coal mining area of the Saar Valley was to be administered for fifteen years by the League of Nations and then a plebiscite held. The corrupt Weimar Republic was forced upon the German nation and the middle classes were robbed of their savings by corrupt finance. There were millions of unemployed and the Sparticist Jewish revolutionary leaders Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were stirring up red revolution.

Sign Reads: “Down with the Jew Press! Lies, Corruption , Garbage”. Kinda like MSM today.

The cultural takeover of Germany by the Jews

Dr Karl Wiehe, in his Germany and the Jewish Question (1938, Berlin), is painstaking in the details he provides:

Well before 1933 the Jews had taken possession of the film industry even more thoroughly than of the theater. That was understandable, because the earnings in the film industry overshadow the earnings of any other artistic activity….

The biggest step in the direction of the decline of the German cultural life [however] was taken in the field of the light entertainment genre. Here – in the genre of musical comedy and above all in revue and burlesque – frivolity and lasciviousness were to rear their ugly heads. So much so that during these years Berlin was quite correctly considered the most immoral city in the world.

It was Jews who introduced this pornographic “art form” to Germany, a debased genre completely unknown before the Great War, and so it is the Jews who can be held responsible for the general decline in morals.

The Jewish sexologists Ivan Bloch and Magnus Hirschfeld became the representatives of “sex research” camouflaged as science – a bogus science that was merely an excuse for pornography and propaganda designed to destroy the institute of marriage and the sanctity of the family.

Wiehe also provides the following useful facts and statistics:

In 1931, over 60 percent of German films were produced by Jews and 82 percent of the film scripts were written by Jewish writers, though Jews made up less than 1 percent of the German population (0.90%). A quick look at the names of directors, producers, stage managers, actors, script writers and critics, “revealed everywhere an overwhelming preponderance of Jews.”

A cursory survey of the film titles, Wiehe tells us, shows us that the Jews had only one thing on the brain: sex. Here are some typical titles: “Moral und Sinnlichkeit” (Morals and Sensuality); “Was kostet Liebe?” (What is the Price of Love); “Wenn ein Weib den Weg verliert” (When a Woman loses her Way);“Prostitution” (Prostitution); “Sündige Mutter” (Sinful Mama);“Das Buch des Lasters” (The Book of Vices).

“The sensational titles correspond to the sleazy contents,” Wiehe complains. “All wallow in filth and display with cynical frankness the vilest scenes of sexual perversion.”

Descent into sexual depravity

British historian Sir Arthur Bryant describes (Unfinished Victory (1940), pp. 144-145) throngs of child prostitutes outside the doors of the great Berlin hotels and restaurants.

“Most of them – the night clubs and vice Resorts – were owned and managed by Jews. And it was the Jews among the promoters of this trade who were remembered in after years.”

Otto Dix, Metropolis (1928): two scenes of crippled war veterans and prostitutes bordering the upper class of people in the Weimar Republic.

Arriving in Berlin during the hyperinflation crisis (1923), Klaus Mann – son the great German novelist Thomas Mann – remembered walking past a group of dominatrices:

Some of them looked like fierce Amazons, strutting in high boots made of green, glossy leather. One of them brandished a supple cane and leered at me as I passed by.

‘Good evening, madam,’ I said.

She whispered in my ear, ‘Want to be my slave? Costs only six billions and a cigarette.’

Mel Gordon writes in Voluptuous Panic: The Erotic World of Weimar Berlin :

“One French journalist, Jean Galtier-Boissière, described, in sickly pornographic detail, the creeping horror of feeling a nine-year-old girl’s tiny, but proficient, fingers stroking his upper thigh while the broken-toothed mother covered his face with hot sucking kisses.”

Alien Control

The Daily Mail reported on 10 July 1933:

“The German nation, moreover, was rapidly falling under the control of its alien elements. In the last days of the pre-Hitler regime there were twenty times as many Jewish government officials in Germany as had existed before the war.

Israelites of international attachments were insinuating themselves into key positions in the German administrative machine. Three German ministers only had direct relations with the press, but in each case the official responsible for conveying news and interpreting policy to the public was a Jew.”

Dr. Manfred Reifer, a well known leader of the Jews of Bukovina, wrote in the Jewish magazine Czernowitzer Allegemeine Zeitung (September 1933):

‘Whilst large sections of the German nation were struggling for the preservation of their race, we Jews filled the streets of Germany with our vociferations. We supplied the press with articles on the subject of its Christmas and Easter and administered to its religious beliefs in the manner we considered suitable. We ridiculed the highest ideals of the German nation and profaned the matters which it
holds sacred.’

Resentment and resistance began to build up against the alien horde and in the year before Adolf Hitler came to power Bernard Lecache, President of the World Jewish League, stated:

‘Germany is our public enemy number one. It is our object to declare war without mercy against her.’

The National Socialist Party of Adolf Hitler gained 17,300,000 votes in the election and gained 288 seats in the Reichstag. On 30 January 1933 Hitler was legally appointed Chancellor of the German Reich by President Von Hindenberg. On 24 March 1933 the Reichstag elected by 441 votes to 94 to give full emergency powers to the new Reich Chancellor and the corrupt Weimar Republic ceased to exist.

On that same day, 24 March 1933, on the front page of the London Daily Express appeared the main headlines: “Judaea declares war on Germany: Jews of all the world unite”, and followed with:

‘The Israelite people of the entire world declare economic and financial war on Germany. The appearance of the Swastika as the symbol of the new Germany revives the old war symbol of the Jews. Fourteen million Jews stand as one body to declare war on Germany. The Jewish wholesale dealer leaves his business, the banker his bank,
the shopkeeper his shop, the beggar his miserable hut in order to combine forces in the holy war against Hitler’s people.’

London Daily Express, 24 March 1933

The German government was removing Jews from influential positions and transferring power back to the German people. This declaration of war by the Jews on Germany was repeated throughout the world. The first boycott of Jewish business concerns came after this Jewish declaration of war in April 1933.

Total Destruction Demanded

Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorist organisation, wrote in the January 1934 issue of Mascha Rjetach:

“For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community at each conference in all our syndicates and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will start a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand the complete destruction of Germany.

Collectively and individually, the German nation is a threat to us Jews.

Jews demand ‘total extermination’ of Germany

  • Emil Ludwig Cohen wrote in his book The New Holy Alliance, Strasburg, 1938:

“Even if Hitler at the last moment would want to avoid war which would destroy him he will, in spite of his wishes, be compelled to wage war.”

  • Bernard Lechache wrote in The Right to Live (December 1938):

“It is our task to organise the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war.”

  • The Jewish newspaper Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederlands printed on 13 September 1939:

“The millions of Jews living in America, England, France, North Africa and South, not forgetting Palestine, have decided to carry on the war in Germany to the very end. It is to be a war of extermination.”

  • The Toronto Star (26 February 1940) printed a declaration of a Rabbi Perlberg, Director of the British section of the Jewish World Congress:

“The Jewish World Congress is in a state of war with Germany for seven years.”

  • The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago printed in its issue of 8 October 1940:

“When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.”

Hitler now put into operation the plan of getting all German areas into one state and all Germans under one German Government. The Germans in the Rhineland, the Germans in Austria and the Sudeten Germans responded willingly. In January 1935, the Saar Valley voted to return to Germany with a 90 per-cent poll in favour. There were also Germans in East Prussia and in Danzig now divided by land ceded to Poland by the Treaty of Versailles. It is interesting to note that between 1933 and 1937 10,000 Jews migrated to Hitler’s Germany, 97 of them from Palestine.

The Munich Agreement

An agreement was signed between Germany (Hitler) and Great Britain (Neville Chamberlain) which suggested a peaceful revision of the wrongs committed by the Treaty of Versailles. A four-power conference was suggested which would preserve the peace. The four powers were Great Britain, Germany, France and Italy.

The paper Truth of 5 January 1952 stated that Mr. Oswald Pirow, South African Minister of Defence, was sent on a mission to Germany in 1938 by General Smuts to ease the tension on the Jewish issue. The British Prime Minister told Pirow that pressure of International Jewry was one of the principal obstacles to an Anglo-German accommodation and that it would greatly help him resist that pressure if Hitler could be induced to moderate his policy towards the German Jews. Pirow stated that Hitler viewed this idea with favour and an Anglo-German agreement was in sight; the effect would have been, in the event of war, to limit the conflict to Germany and Russia, with the other great powers intervening to enforce their own terms when the combatants were exhausted.

However, the Four Nations Pact was not to be. The Jews put an end to this, for on 7 November 1938, a few weeks after the Munich Agreement and shortly before the journey to Paris of the German Foreign Minister, Von Ribbentrop, the Polish Jew, Herschel Feibel Grynszpan murdered the German Third Secretary of State, Ernst von Rath, in the German Embassy in Paris. The five bullets fired were the logical result of the Jews’ declaration of war on Germany of March 1933 and put an end to the effort being made to explain and extend the importance of the Munich Agreement and the revision of the Treaty of Versailles.

De Poolse Jood Grynszpan die de Duitser von Rath neerschoot 1938

The 17 year old, unemployed and illegal Polish-jew immigrant in France, murderer Herschel Feibel Grynszpan

This assassination provoked anti-Jewish riots in Germany, with the burning of synagogues and the looting and burning of Jewish shops. The anti-Jewish riots inflamed public opinion in Great Britain and the USA against Chamberlain’s efforts to relieve Anglo-German tension. In the United States Germans were assaulted and persecuted. The Jews began leaving Germany.

The Paris magazine L’Ami du Peuple wrote about them:

“These people fled from Germany because they attempted to set up a rule of fire and blood and to let loose the horrors of civil war and universal chaos.”

The American Secretary of State, James Forrestal, who later died in mysterious circumstances, wrote in his Forrestal Diaries (Cassel and Co., London 1952):

“Have played golf with Joe Kennedy [US Ambassador in Britain, father of President John Kennedy]. According to him, Chamberlain declared that Zionism and world Jewry have obliged England to enter the war.”

The Jew, Schlomo Asch, in a pep talk to French troops in the line in Le Nouvelles Litteraires (10 February 1940) wrote:

“This is our war and you are fighting it for us. Even if we Jews are not bodily in the trenches we are nevertheless morally with you.”

On 8 October 1942 Sentinel magazine stated unequivocally:

“The Second World War is being fought for the defence and fundamentals of Judaism.”

Terror bombing

Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had given an assurance that:

“The British Government would never resort to the deliberate attack on women and children and other civilians for the purpose of mere terrorism.”

However, his successor Winston Churchill appointed as his personal adviser the Jewish Professor Lindemann. Lindemann, later Lord Cherwell, suggested the bombing of German cities and that working class areas were legitimate targets, and from then onwards the last vestiges of civilised decency in warfare were abandoned.

These bombings began on 10 August 1940 with the bombing of the small open town of Freiburg on the Swiss frontier. Fifty-three civilians were killed, including twenty children playing in the park. It was reported by Mr. Taylor of the American Red Cross in the New York Times of 3 May, 1940. This was before the Germans began bombing British cities. Mr. J. M. Speight, CBE, Principal Secretary to the Air Ministry, wrote in his book The Splendid Decision:

“Adolf Hitler only undertook the bombing of British civilian targets reluctantly after the RAF had commenced bombing German civilian targets. It gave Coventry, Birmingham, Sheffield and Southampton the right to look Kiev, Kharkov, Stalingrad and Sebastopol in the face. Our Soviet allies would have been less critical of our inactivity if they had understood what we had done… Hitler would have been willing at any time to stop the slaughter. Hitler was genuinely anxious to reach with Britain an agreement confining the action of aircraft to battle zones.”


In 1941, long before there was any assembling of Jews for the supposed extermination camps, a Jew, Theodor N. Kaufman, wrote ‘Germany Must Perish.’

Kaufman set out a plan for the total destruction of the German population by a very simple method: the mass sterilization of all German men and women between the age of puberty and sixty years. He described the construction of the organisation for doing this. This book was the basis of the Morgenthau Plan for the total destruction of German industry and the enslavement of the German race.

Naturally these intentions of Germany’s enemy got into the hands of the German propaganda minister Goebbels, and it stiffened the resistance of the German nation to avoid defeat. The Morgenthau Plan formed the basis of discussions between President Roosevelt and Soviet leader Stalin acting through his liaison officer, the Soviet Jew Zabrousky, and also formed the basis of the Yalta Agreement.

How Americans Were Manipulated into Loving Israel

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    Jewish writer and Communist theoretician, Israel Cohen, wrote an extensive plan called
    ” A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century”.
    We quote in part,
    “We must realize that our Party’s most powerful weapon is
    racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark
    races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the whites,
    we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. The
    terms colonialism and imperialism must be featured in our propaganda.
    In America, we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming
    the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavour
    to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the
    Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise to prominence in every
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    I’m a Limey, but from my perspective if you don’t look after Trump and Putin, you’re finished.

  • J.j. Cintia

    Der Juden Wege is not a rational opponent. Do not consign thought or planning to it. What you are dealing with is an unholy monster. It has delusions and desires. No more no less. Preprogrammed instincts. A small bag of tricks. What you must realize is it must be a parasite. Parasitism is not a strategy. It is the propensity of the inferior to need a host to feed off of, not a stratagem of conquest or domination. In Truth, like the Vampyr whose legend is based on these creatures, these cretins cannot exist on their own. Their mythology of “Israel” and homeland is but a safe haven and hiding place they can run to, when they are hunted by their victims.
    At this point, they are not gaining strength, but losing their cover. Their bold and overt censorship is a sign of desperation. The idea that it can regain its media narrative is no longer possible. They always go too far. They must. At some point, the lies no longer hold, and the victims who were fooled, wake up. At that point, does the facade stop and the mask drop. In good times, their is an uneasy politeness. Much like a mouse, when the Master of the House or Big Cat doesn’t notice, it is quiet. Only when they are noticed and threatened do they become bold and aggressive.
    A coward only becomes bold when backed into a corner. Do not expect any rationality. Its “mind” is a collection of delusions and neuroses. Paranoia is all that holds the crazy in. When real fear arises, it loses all control and begins to rant and rave like a lunatic. Like any monster, it cannot be reasoned with. Parasitism demands a host. Parasites CANNOT live by themselves.