Canada Goes Full Retard: Passes Law Criminalizing Denial of “Gender Theory”

Canada Goes Full Retard: Passes Law Criminalizing Denial of "Gender Theory"

Canada passed a law criminalizing the use of normal gender pronouns.

Canada’s Senate passed the Justin Trudeau Liberals’ transgender rights Bill C-16, which puts “gender identity” and “gender expression” into both the country’s Human Rights Code, as well as the hate crime category of its Criminal Code by a vote of 67-11. The bill now only needs royal assent from the House of Commons to pass into law.

Critics warn that under Bill C-16, Canadians who deny gender theory could be charged with hate crimes, fined, jailed, and compelled to undergo anti-bias training.

Foremost among these critics is University of Toronto psychology professor Dr. Jordan Peterson, who along with lawyer D. Jared Brown, told the Senate committee that Bill C-16 is an unprecedented threat to freedom of expression and codifies a spurious ideology of gender identity in law.

Peterson was invited to the committee by Manitoba Senator Don Plett, who voted against the bill.

Plett unsuccessfully proposed amending Bill C-16 to add:

“For greater certainty, nothing in this Act requires the use of a particular word or expression that corresponds to the gender identity or expression of any person.”

Immediately after news of Bill C-16 passing, Twittersphere erupted with hateful attacks against Plett.

Senators who voted against the bill along with Plett are David Tkachuk, Yonah Martin, Richard Neufeld, Leo Housakos, Betty Unger, Norman Doyle, Tobias C. Enverga, Thanh Hai Ngo, Lynn Beyak, and Denise Batters. They are all Conservatives.

Senators who abstained are Anne Cools (independent) and Conservatives Larry Smith, and Michael MacDonald.

Globalist cuck Prime Minister Trudeau praised the bill’s passage as “great news.”

“Proud that Bill C-16 has passed in the Senate,” said Jody Wilson-Raybould, the country’s attorney general and minister of justice.

“[There’s an argument] that transgender identity is too subjective a concept to be enshrined in law because it is defined as an individual’s deeply felt internal experience of gender,” said Grant Mitchell, a conservative senator, in November 2016.

“Yet we, of course, accept outright that no one can discriminate on the basis of religion, and that too is clearly a very deeply subjective and personal feeling.”

Jordan Peterson, a professor at the University of Toronto, and one of the bill’s fiercest critics, spoke to the Senate before the vote, insisting that it infringed upon citizens’ freedom of speech and institutes what he views as dubious gender ideology into law.

“Compelled speech has come to Canada,” stated Peterson.

“We will seriously regret this.”

“[Ideologues are] using unsuspecting and sometimes complicit members of the so-called transgender community to push their ideological vanguard forward,” said the professor to the Senate in May.

“The very idea that calling someone a term that they didn’t choose causes them such irreparable harm that legal remedies should be sought [is] an indication of just how deeply the culture of victimization has sunk into our society.”

Peterson has previously pledged not to use irregular gender pronouns and students have protested him for his opposition to political correctness.

Campaign Life Coalition, the political arm of Canada’s pro-life movement, condemned the passage of Bill C-16.

“This tyrannical bill is nothing but social engineering to the nth degree, all in the name of political correctness,” Campaign Life’s Toronto vice president Jeff Gunnarson told media.

Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life’s senior political strategist, said the bill will be used to attack Christian belief.

“Mark my words, this law will not be used as some sort of ‘shield’ to defend vulnerable transsexuals, but rather as a weapon with which to bludgeon people of faith and free-thinking Canadians who refuse to deny truth,” he said.

Peterson became Canada’s preeminent critic of the Liberal bill after he produced three videos opposing the enforcement of gender ideology, one of which blasted Bill C-16, which he said “requires compelled speech.”

He has also vowed that, come what may, he will not use “genderless pronouns” such as “zir” and “ze” for those who self-identify as gender non-conforming when requested.

Lawyer Brown told the Senate Committee the federal Liberals have made it clear they will follow Ontario’s lead when implementing Bill C-16. And Ontario Human Rights Code guidelines “mandate” the use of genderless pronouns on request, he said.

“Mandating use of pronouns requires one to use words that are not their own that imply a belief in or agreement with a certain theory on gender,” he added.

“If you try to disavow that theory, you can be brought before the Human Rights Commission for misgendering or potentially find yourself guilty of a hate crime. To sum up, on the subject of gender, we’re going to have government-mandated speech.”

Those who refuse to go along could be “brought before the federal tribunal,” Brown said.

If the tribunal assesses a penalty such as a fine or “non-monetary remedy, such as a cease and desist order or an order to compel them to do something,” and the person refuses, “they will find themselves in contempt of court and prison is the likely outcome of that process until they purge the contempt,” he added.

Gunnarson said the law indicates that more pro-family politicians are needed to help govern the country.

“We need to step up our efforts to seek out and elect sensible pro-life and pro-family candidates,” he added.

“The Catholic leadership especially needs to flex their muscle, call their parishioners to action and help to bring about a revolt,” he said.

“The passage of C-16 is one of many bad bills that will bring about the fall of our nation.”

If We Don’t Fight For It, The Liberal World Order is Going to Kill Our Way of Life

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  • Seed_of_Albion

    Dear God. How many of these so-called “pronouns” are there now? And how does anybody find out? And when they are changed next week, how does anybody know? Fines and jail time in Canada for (politically) incorrect grammar–grammar, mind you, that keeps changing all the time.

    • There are going to be a lot of confused kids out there who have to deal with this crap… How pathetic when people need to be this stupid and we all go along with it and let it slide because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings – people need to get a grip. How bad has this become and will become down the road. How much stupidity will society endure. Makes me mad as hell.

    • Matt Martineau

      Apparently “It” and “that” aren’t politically correct, after you get a tirade of venomous hate directed at you for using “her”.

      • Seed_of_Albion

        LOL! I wish I’d been there. I like your style.

  • Richard Babin

    cool I identify my gender with a sword carrying crusader out to purge extreme islamic muslims invaders

    • Vasile Andrei

      in the oppression Olympics Muslims come on top of gays, sorry
      the only ones affected are Christians and whites, all the rest have a pass

      remember, gays are even parading in support of Islam, and yes, this is not a sick joke, this is a sick reality….

      • Anthony N Di Wood

        Then they will find themselves being culled……In this case Gay Pride rideth before a fall……………off a tall building!

        • Higlac

          We need to ensure that both the Moslems AND the Marxists (who’re openly aiding and abetting them!!!) are dealt with the same way.

          Otherwise, please let me make sure: is this satire, or is this truly for real????

          • Anthony N Di Wood

            In this case satire….But if moslems have their way then that is exactly what will happen. This is already being done in the Middle East.

  • Nadian Plus Forte

    Canada is the new Sweden!

    • Vasile Andrei

      Sweden did not make it in a law…
      Canada is on a new level of dementia!

      • Our country is totally being destroyed from within by the sell out Government in place. Who are these people????

        • Vasile Andrei

          got no clue… Canadians voted for them… not me :d

  • Vasile Andrei

    I love it!
    Not because this is any good, but because they will have to live by it!
    THEY… not me 😀

    Have fun Canada….. have fun!!

  • mollysdad

    Would Canadian Christians have anything to lose by calling for public officials who affirm gender theory to be put to death as heretics? You might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb. So if you identify your gender as that of a Judge of the Holy Inquisition you should be on solid legal ground.

  • WaskesiuT

    What happens if you call someone a cocksucker?

    • Terminata

      Deny and don’t be seen doing it!

    • canuk

      That is a gender neutral word.

      • WaskesiuT

        Agreed! Very constructive. Solves all the problems. All Canadians can now legally address other Canadians with “hey cocksucker”.

        • Karl Martell

          Q: What do you call someone who slugs a fake conservative?
          A: A cuck socker!

          I can imagine all those Hosers spitting feathers next to smiling roosters!

    • Vasile Andrei

      totally legit, and it cannot be denied that many Canadians are indeed cocksuckers
      also, this is a gender neutral definition, so is ok to use it

  • canuk

    Stop setting your hair on fire…. we are after all just human beings.

  • Grumpy Goddess

    are you fucking kidding?! if you’re trying to make an actual point, why start with a headline that makes you look stupid, ignorant, and insensitive?!

  • Artemis

    By mid 2018 the economy of Canada, and most of the world will have collapsed. We will then be thrust into a world government (UN) and a new world currency. People will get government hand outs because the economy will be toast. All currencies will be wiped out. This is part of the depopulation plot. Get ready to see a lot less people by 2030.

  • Don Newburn

    Rob Ford for PM

  • Karl Martell

    Having a background in electronics, I marvel (in disgust, of course) at all these symbols for alternative sexual and gender identities. They left out one, the IGBT, as in Insulated Gayte Bi-polar Tran-sister.