#MacronLeaks: French Media Gives Advice on How to Defraud the Elections

While Macron’s team is playing down the importance of the leak,  french MSM are desperate to shift voter’s attentions from it to how still vote for Macron without voting for him.

Le Figaro goes so far as to give advice on how to defraud the election.

Since polls predict a strong abstention this Sunday, abstention that would help Le Pen, the newspaper tries to influence voters to block FN and it’s iconic leader, Marine Le Pen by all means necessary. 

This from Le Figaro:

The “gray vote” strategy

Rather than abstention or white vote (unmarked), the writer Dalibor Frioux invited the voters of Hamon, Mélenchon, Poutou and Artaud to “vote gray”.

The idea: lend its vote to the legislative.

“We will lend our vote to your candidacy to block the Front National and save the Republic,” the writer explains in a column recently published in the columns of Liberation .

Then, “we will resume it immediately, in order to impose a cohabitation with a left gathered, which will introduce you to French politics and the difficulties of life,” he continues, evoking the June legislative elections.

And warns:

“We sign this declaration online so that on the evening of the defeat of Marine Le Pen, the banker will evaluate his liabilities and will not consider himself president of all the French nor mandated to apply his program. Believe us, Mr. Macron, when we express our most sincere opposition.”

His petition gathered nearly 1400 signatures this Friday morning.

Second bulletin technique

Another way to express dissatisfaction:

Open France, an organization led by one of the initiators of the petition against the labor law, proposes to send a “second vote bulletin” to the candidate of En marche! by email. The objective: to recall that “our vote is not a vote of adhesion, and that we have other priorities to build a just, lasting and democratic France!” After having filled name, first name, e-mail address and postal code , the user is invited to choose between nine proposals divided into three categories: “a just France”, “a sustainable France” and “a democratic France”. The “virtual” voter can then select the messages he wishes to convey to Emmanuel Macron, notably on “the right to a decent income” or “the fight against climate change”.

A small mention specifies that this “virtual” bulletin should not be added to the official when voting Sunday because it would invalidate the vote.

As Friday morning, more than 11,000 “second bulletins” had been sent, and this only since Tuesday.

But what will happen if these votes will in fact be added to the tally? Wouldn’t this constitute voting fraud?

Vote after 5 pm to show that we are going backwards

More tactics, some voters propose to go to the polls “after 5 pm” on Sunday. The goal: to vote Macron without being counted in the figures of the participation at 12.00 and 17.00.

“By voting after 5 pm, we can ensure that our opposition is heard and counted through the different levels of abstention during the day,” reads the petition “Blocking the Pen without supporting Macron, Is possible! ” .

This one has already gathered 51,000 supports online.

Is this a code word to dump illegal votes at the last hours?

Giving a foreigner your right to vote

While this initiative is a means of militating above all in favor of the right to vote for foreigners, it also makes it possible to bypass the dilemma that Sunday voting can pose for some. On the platform Alter-votants , created in January 2017, a collective links “people disappointed of the electoral system (or indecise)” and foreigners living on French territory who wish to express their voice. To do so, simply fill out an online form. In this way, Hamze Ghalebi, an Iranian political refugee, was able to vote symbolically through Mary in the first round.

“Some insist on pure militancy by truly entrusting their vote to the other because they believe that the voice of a stranger has as much weight as theirs.”

Twitter just stepped in and deleted the #MacronLeaks hashtag from trends:

#MacronLeaks: Documents Involve Macron in Tax Avoiding Scheme, French Authorities Try to Censor It

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