VIDEO – SWEDEN: Muslim Migrant Refuses to be Arrested, Beats 3 Female Police Officers

A shocking video making the rounds on social media allegedly shows a single male refugee beating three female police officers in Sweden, trashing their car in the process.

According to ‘Peter Sweden,’ a popular Swedish journalist, photographer, and political commentator, the police officers were attempting to arrest the man in connection with arson attacks.

The video clip shows police arriving on the scene as the man is walking through what appears to be a courtyard, picking up objects.

He then approaches the police car and throws an object at its windshield, cracking it.

That’s when three reportedly female officers emerge and attempt to subdue him. The man apparently throws something at one of them and someone, appearing to be a civilian, grabs him from behind.

One of the police officers leads the civilian away from the scuffle while the other two continue to wrestle the suspect.

Eventually, the third officer returns and joins the fight – but the alleged refugee overpowers all of them. Even when a fourth officer – whose gender is unspecified – arrived on the scene, they couldn’t get the man under control.

Eventually, they all retreated as the man continued to trash their vehicle. This is not the first time Swedish Police are overpowered by the “doctors and engineers” muslim refugees.

Watch the video:

Sweden, of course, has been in the news quite a bit recently for issues concerning immigration.

According to The Express, controversial Sweden-based author Katerina Janouch received support earlier this year for stating that many Swedes are increasingly scared of their own country.

Journalists like ‘Peter Sweden,’ Paul Joseph Watson and Tim Pool have been covering what many refer to as an “immigration crisis” in Sweden while accusing members of the mainstream media for turning a blind eye to the situation and shaming people who acknowledge it – like President Donald Trump.

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