First Lady Melania Looked Stunning in her St. Patrick’s Day Outfit

First Lady Melania and her son Barron stayed away from public events at the beginning of her husband’s presidency. Some say that the First Lady decided to do that in order to prevent any attacks on her family, because honestly, liberals never use their mildest words when talking about the First Family. It seems like their only wish is to annoy the Trumps, and come up with fake stories. They even said that First Lady Melania will never come to the White House and that Ivanka would do the activities scheduled for America’s First Lady. The First Lady is moving to the White House in June, right after Barron finishes his school year.

Things have changed, and Barron Trump made his first public appearance at the White House. The 10-year-old child had to deal with a bullying reporter right after his father’s inauguration, but luckily, this didn’t have any effect at all. This could have been easily prevented, but nobody expected that liberal reporters would attack an innocent child.

But, Barron’s appearance wasn’t the most interesting part for the reporters. They were more interested in the First Lady’s outfit. There was the President’s “thumbs up” thing, but no, First Lady Melania was the star. Reporters later wrote about Barron and his height. The boy is almost as tall as his father, and he is only 10.

First Lady Melania Trump joined her husband as they left the White House to spend the weekend in Florida. Although tradition dictates wearing green on St Patrick’s Day, the First Lady stuck to Republican red- a shade which is fast becoming a signature. Her fit and flare coat is by New York designer Alice Roi, who also created one of the coats Mrs Trump wore during the Inaugural celebrations in January. Women recognized her favorite Gucci sunglasses and Jimmy Choo shoes.

The look is symbolic of Mrs Trump’s sophisticated reinvention of her high-octane personal style since becoming a political wife and the first foreign born First Lady to enter the White House since 1825.

The First Family is spending their weekend at their Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach.

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  • cory raskel

    i’m no bitch but managing high heels in grass must be a chore.

    • origwwotp

      It is. The pointed heel digs into the dirt if you don’t just tippy-toe with your weight on the balls. Little divots left behind, dirt clinging to the lower half inch of your heels. But, she doesn’t have to clean it. I just feel sorry for the itty-bitty area of her foot forced to bear the weight at the height of those heels. To me, just not worth the foot problems of old age. Heels are only for dancing or very short appearances, with sneakers in the car to ditch them at first opportunity. LOL

  • 1776vtgmb

    I can almost see the smile on that proud Marine’s face as he salutes the President…

  • vrajavala1

    why red?

    • bawbag1

      No greenbacks