VIDEO: Dangerous Dirt Bike Stunt Sparks Investigation in California

A daredevil stunt bike rider has caught the attention of authorities after amazing footage of a jump over a freeway in Southern California has surfaced.
The stunning footage, which shows the rider leaping across the 60 Freeway in Moreno Valley, quickly went viral after being uploaded to social media:

For those who make a habit of using the 60 Freeway in Moreno Valley near the spot of the stunt, there is disbelief anyone would attempt something like this.

Irena and Ivan Milosavljevic wondered what would have happened if something went wrong.

“Becoming a threat to other people as well. Not only to himself. It’s not only about his injuries, it’s about other people,” Irena said.

“In controlled environments like they’re doing in arenas or something like that, that’s okay because they are the ones that are exposed to risks.” Ivan said.

CBS2’s Tom Wait reached out to the biker. A man, who identified himself as a friend, called back and said this stunt was almost routine for an experienced rider. It just looks more challenging because of where he pulled it off.

The jumper quickly became a star on social media:

“This dude is the man,” wrote one user.

“Solid. Couldn’t imagine being a driver that day and wondering ‘whoa…did I just see a dirt bike jump over the interstate?'” wrote another amazed netizen.

“This video scared the daylights out of me. Please grandpa Jay died in a sandrail accident, like you he had no fear. But it caught him in the end. Don’t go into danger zones.”

The death-defying stunt has caught the attention of the California Highway Patrol and Riverside County Sheriff’s Department who are now investigating the footage.

It is not clear what punishment, if any, the daredevil could face though The California Highway Patrol and Riverside County Sheriff’s Department are investigating.

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