Legalization Up in Smoke: Sessions – More Violence Around Pot than “One Would Think”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

The Justice Department will try to adopt “responsible policies” for enforcement of federal anti-marijuana laws, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Monday, adding that he believes violence surrounds sales and use of the drug in the U.S.
The federal prison population is on the decline, but a new attorney general who talks tough on drugs and crime could usher in a reversal of that trend. The resources of a prison system that for years has grappled with overcrowding, but that experienced a population drop as Justice Department leaders pushed a different approach to drug prosecutions, could again be taxed.

In a meeting with reporters, Sessions said the department was reviewing an Obama administration Justice Department memo that gave states flexibility in passing marijuana laws. “Experts are telling me there’s more violence around marijuana than one would think,” Sessions said.

The comments were in keeping with remarks last week from White House spokesman Sean Spicer, who said the Justice Department would step up enforcement of federal law against recreational marijuana. Sessions stopped short of saying what he would do, but said he doesn’t think America will be a better place with “more people smoking pot.”

“I am definitely not a fan of expanded use of marijuana,” he said.

“But states, they can pass the laws they choose. I would just say, it does remain a violation of federal law to distribute marijuana throughout any place in the United States, whether a state legalizes it or not.”

Eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use. The Justice Department has several options available should it decide to enforce the law, including filing lawsuits on the grounds that state laws regulating pot are unconstitutional because they are pre-empted by federal law.

Studies have found no correlation between legalization of marijuana and violent crime rates. But law enforcement officials in states such as Colorado say drug traffickers have taken advantage of lax marijuana laws to hide in plain sight, illegally growing and shipping the drug across state lines, where it can sell for much higher.

Pot advocates say the officials have exaggerated the problem. “You can’t sue somebody for a drug debt. The only way to get your money is through strong-arm tactics, and violence tends to follow that,” Sessions said.

Sessions said he met with Nebraska’s attorney general, who sued Colorado for allegedly not keeping marijuana within its borders. That lawsuit was dismissed by the U.S. Supreme Court, but neighboring states continue to gripe that Colorado and other pot-legal states have not done enough to keep the drug from crossing their borders.

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  • Mickey Grace

    I’ve been smoking since the 60’s….It IS a gateway drug AG is an honorable man who will help moms and dads cope BE SOBER BE VIGILANT FOR THE DEVIL ROAMS ABOUT SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR!!! DON’T BELIEVE IN THE DEVIL? LOOK IN THE MIRROR…FOR WE ARE ALL WORTHY OF DEATH….BUT FOR “HIS” MERCY!

    • Tech

      I just broke my bong.

    • Iva

      If that is the case, why isn’t alcohol against the law? It is way more harmful.

  • Mickey Grace


    • Hosana Rosanadana

      Shows how pot has already made you stupid. Like it or not, pot makes you stupid as it eats away at your ability to remember. This is not propaganda but a forty year period of observation of potheads.

      • Rick Wojciechowski

        How long you been smokin Hosana?

  • Barbara comingtogetyou

    “Experts” So, Alcohol and pharma lobby?

  • Iva

    If there is violence, its because of gang turf war. I like Jeff, but Get a grip Jeff. You are being a stooge for big Pharma and prison industrial complex. Putting people in cages is not going to stop people from using pot. Just like in the prohibition of alcohol.

  • Theworldshighest

    Prohibition is a proven method to eradicate vice! Crime will cease to exist entirely if we outlaw this highly sought after plant! If people could buy it in stores safely, instead of creating a vacuum in which gangs and organized criminals operate, violent crime will certainly increase!
    Being in this country illegally isn’t a crime, but an adult making a choice to smoke marijuana is.
    We don’t need people who smoke a little weed sent to prison to become slave labor.
    Or if you want to go gung ho on enforcing laws, why not apply them across the board. I’m still seeing a lot of illegals at the local Home Depot, Jeffe.

  • mozwhite

    “’You can’t sue somebody for a drug debt. The only way to get your money is through strong-arm tactics, and violence tends to follow that,’ Sessions said.” He literally just made the argument for legalization. Moron.