Tom Brady Doesn’t Support Teammates Who Boycott the Visit to the White House

Part of the New England Patriots decided to decline the invitation to the White House, and announced to boycott the event. This is a traditional visit, and the winning team always does that. Well, not every team, obviously. Some of the members won’t be doing that this time. This is probably the first time football players refuse to “obey” tradition. It’s strange how someone can put politics and sports in the same sentence.

The Independent Journal Review reported that tight end Marcellus Bennett, defensive tackle Alan Branch, linebacker Hightower, defensive end Chris Long, running back LeGarrette Blount, and defensive back Devin McCourty confirmed their “absence.”

Chris Long “planned on skipping” the traditional event, but not in terms of politics. He said that he’s “just not doing it.”

“I’m just not doing it,” Long said.

“I’ve got plenty of serious political reasons that probably don’t belong on this show, but I’m just not doing it. America’s an awesome country, man. Everybody knows that. That’s why I have this choice,” explained Long.

Blount, McCourty and Bennett don’t “feel welcomed” in the White House. We bet that they have strict political reasons for such decision. Tom Brady is nothing like his teammates. He believes that it’s sports what matters, and doesn’t share the same opinion as other Patriots. His Instagram post says everything. Brady recognizes real values, and this gesture shows that his desire for good sport is above all.

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Does this apply to the Patriots who decided to boycott the visit to the White House? Maybe we’ll find out in near future. The Super Bowl is part of America, and so is the White House. This boycott is a real act of disrespect. The traditional visit is meant to confirm the success of the winning team. It has nothing to do with President Trump and his political beliefs. But, someone can’t understand that. It’s the same as if they deny their achievement.

Sport has nothing to do with politics. It’s time to make that clear. Sport relaxes us, helps us win, brings success…

Do you support Tom Brady? What do you think about his teammates?

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  • Dumocrat Schumer

    Tom Brady is a true sportsman above all, he’s earned my respect. What was it Michelle Obama said, when they go low we go high.I guess some of his teammates decided to take the low road.