Florida Mosque Holds Firearm Training, The Federal Raid Exposed CAIR-Florida Regional Operations Director

We’ve been long lured into thinking that Islam is a religion of peace. Former administrations made us believe that these Muslims share love and peace. But, the situation is pretty serious, and it’s slowly slipping our grip. Take a look around, and you will see that just a small number of Muslims are into spreading the word of peace. The rest of them have gone to the dark side, and try to convince the world that violence and killing is the only way to get peace.

The latest incident that shocked Florida is something you never thought could happen. CAIR-Florida Regional Operations Director Nezar Hamze is connected with the firearms in their Mosque. The explanation for this? They say it was for their own safety and protection. Oh, really?

Some claim that the Society of Sarasota doesn’t really fancy real American values. They already gave their support for suicidal bombers and their families. The whole thing was kept silent, and we bet that they’d raise more dust if this was all about Christianity.

At some point, CAIR was considered pretty close to terrorist. US Constitution can’t do anything to keep religious objects from holding training like this, but this is wrong in so many levels. CAIR supported HAMAS, remember?
It’s time to protect ourselves, and keep an eye on people around us. We can’t expose America to people who only dream of bombing anything. Radical Islam is slowly entering every city and every neighborhood. Would you let your kids grow up in a world like this/What do you think about this incident? Are there other similar cases?

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