The Obamas Spend Tax Money For Their Vacation With Richard Branson

Obama thinks he deserved a vacation after leaving office, and he decided to take his family to Richard Branson’s private Caribbean island. Can you guess how much he spent?

Necker is laid on 74-acre paradise soil, located in the British Virgin Islands. Barack has some fun time with his family here without even thinking of all the poor people back in America who still don’t know how to get through the month.

Obama hangs out with big names, and sources say that their billionaire friend borrowed his private jet. Fancy, right?

Although Obama is technically unemployed, he enjoyed every bit of the island, all happy and relaxed. Imagine the irony of him posing with immigration officials in the very moments before boarding on the boat to the paradise.

How long will they be spending our money there? Blackout. We don’t know yet. Well, the man is sure convinced that he did a lot for his country, and that we owe him this vacation.

The couple posed with immigration officials in the British Virgin Islands.

Branson’s Necker Island resort is basically heaven on Earth. Picture: Virgin Limited Edition

The former first family didn’t share any details about their vacation, and we’re assuming that Branson may join them there. He lives on the island, and pulls his business strings from his poolside office. Want one?

Wealthy people like to spend their free time near Branson, and spend their vacation money on the island hoping that they may “drop” some of their business ideas right into Branson’s hands. Some guests dream of having his financial backup. Branson gathers “change makers and rule breakers” every year.

His themed parties are huge. Sci-fi characters, animal costumes and stuff.

You should pay US$78,000 per night if you want to be part of the whole thing. But, it’s worth it. All inclusive, of course.

Guests are served by 100 employees, and the island can gather a maximum of 30 guests at a time. Fancy kite surf, scuba dive, zip-line, and luxury spa treatments? Go to Necker.

Branson’s hideaway also offers swim-up bars, two freshwater infinity pools, and tennis court. Yeah, go play tennis and watch the beautiful flamingos, tortoises, and lemurs.

Obama can’t play golf on the island, that’s too bad.

Would you like to go to Necker? What do you think about Obama’s vacation?

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