Swedish Women “Terrified of Sex Attacks” as Muslim Migrants Turn Shopping Centres into No-Go Zone


The left’s rape of Europe. Women in Sweden fearful of going to work because of the constant threat of sex attacks by Muslim migrants. We can have all the equal opportunities laws and women’s employment rights in the world, but if women are too frightened to enter the workplace they are worth nothing. The left and their social engineering are responsible for this mess – they are the ones who brought these savages amongst us. They will never face what they have done, let alone do anything to clean up after themselves. A strong hand and a stiff nerve are required otherwise we shall never see the end of this. Trump will save us from this horrible fate.

But how about our brothers and sisters in Europe?

Just days after the Facebook Live Rape done by three Middle Eastern “new swedes” we have another bad news from the capital of failed multiculturalism.

Swedish women ‘terrified of sex attacks’ as migrants turn shopping centre into no-go zone
Female workers at Sweden’s largest shopping centre are living in constant fear of verbal assaults and sex attacks as migrant youth gangs have turned the area into a “no-go zone”.

By Lizzie Stromme, The Express, January 24, 2017:

Earlier this month Gothenburg police admitted Nordstan shopping centre was descending into lawless chaos as young immigrants intimidated police, harassed girls and dealt drugs openly. As the shopping centre has become a central hub for youngsters to meet, the authorities have been forced to implement extraordinary measures to cope with the increased number of incidents.However, female workers at Nordstan have now come forward saying they are living in constant fear because of the criminal youth gangs who turn out in force as the stores close at 8pm.Emma is one of the employees who has been exposed to the thugs and the 24-year-old said she is often verbally abused while she is working.
Female workers at Nordstan shopping centre are living in fear because of the youth gangs

Describing how the youth gangs who descend on the stores during the evenings are difficult to handle, Emma told Expressen: “It’s sexual harassment.

“I’m told they would like to do both this and that with me. They say I’m attractive, ask me when I’m off work.”Despite saying it is a regular occurrence, the young woman said she had not reported it to the police because it would not change anything.She said she is considering quoting to escape the abusive youths. “I love my job and the people I work with. But no one should have to feel unsafe at work,” she said.
It is terrible and it’s a criminal offence. Police spokeswoman Ulla Brehm
Linnea Lorentsson, who is also employed at Nordstan shared Emma’s view that the shopping centre, which is Sweden’s largest in terms of sales and number of visitors, is unsafe.Talking about how women are regularly followed and catcalled by the migrant gangs, she said: “It feels scary.”I would never go to Nordstan in my spare time. Why would you go to a place you don’t feel safe?”Girls have to put up with a lot here. People shout after you, you’re starred at. They sometimes follow you.”Police spokeswoman Ulla Brehm said women working in the stores at Nordstan were particularly exposed to the thuggish behaviour because they cannot walk away from the terrifying situations.

“The women who are working in the stores are especially exposed because they cannot choose to leave,” the spokeswoman said.

“They have to stand there and listen to it. At the same time, there are many women who are exposed when they leave work at Nordstan or on the tram.”Ms Brehm added: “I know it is a large problem for women who are surrounded by these boys or men in Norstan. It is terrible and it is a criminal offence.”Other incidents at the shopping centre, which is located in south-west Sweden, include a teenager being robbed while a broken glass bottle was held to his throat, a shopkeeper being threatened after he tried to stop thugs from stealing, and a teenager allegedly being stabbed in the neck.
Rikard Sorensen, one of the team managers of the city police, condemned the situation as he made a clear dig at the liberal country’s immigration policy, as many of the foreign youths wreaking havoc lacked identification papers.“I’ve had people in front of me that look like they are 35, but who claim to be 15. I can’t prove they’re lying so we have to release them,” Mr Sorensen said.The admission that Nordstan has become a lawless hotspot comes as Swedish police last year issued a report where it detailed incidents from more than 55 areas which it branded as “no-go zones”.

No wonder the local women are terrified after the horrors the “new swedes” are doing:

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If you want to know HOW it all began for Sweden (and other western countries) to turn into a 3rd world country:

In The Culture of Critique and other writings Kevin MacDonald points to the fact that Jews and the organized Jewish community were a critical necessary condition for the rise of multiculturalism in the West. In Chapter 7, on Jewish involvement in shaping immigration policy, he focused mainly on the U.S., but also had brief sections on England, Canada, Australia (greatly elaborated recently in TOO  by Brenton Sanderson), and France.

There has been a translation from Swedish of an article, “How and why Sweden became multicultural,” that summarizes academic writing on the Jewish role in making Sweden into a multicultural society. This article should be read in its entirety, but some salient points:

The ideological change started in 1964 when David Schwarz, a Polish born Jew and Holocaust survivor who immigrated to Sweden in the early 1950s, wrote the article “The Immigration problem in Sweden” in Sweden’s largest and most important morning newspaper – the Jewish-owned Dagens Nyheter (“Daily News”). It started a rancorous debate that mostly took place in Dagens Nyheter, but which subsequently continued even in other newspapers, on editorial pages and in books. …

Schwarz was by far the most active opinion-former and accounted for 37 of a total of 118 contributions to the debate on the immigration issue in the years 1964-1968. Schwarz and his co-thinkers were so dominant and aggressive that debaters with an alternative view were driven on the defensive and felt their views suppressed. For example, Schwarz played the anti-Semitism card efficiently in order to discredit his opponents. …

It was the conservative Rightist Party who first embraced the idea of ​​cultural pluralism and greatly contributed to shape the new radical direction. It is worth mentioning that the chairman of the Rightist Party 1961-1965, Gunnar Heckscher, was the party’s first leader of Jewish descent.

As in the U.S. and elsewhere, Jewish activists were aided by Jewish media ownership. Activists stressed the need to reshape immigration policy to atone for persecution of Jews—in the case of Sweden, the role of the Swedish government vis-à-vis Jews during World War II. (Similarly, in the U.S., Jewish activists emphasized that the 1924 immigration restriction law was motivated by anti-Semitism, and many activists, including academic activists like Stephen J. Gould [in his notorious The Mismeasure of Man; see here, p. 30ff] claimed that U.S. immigration restriction resulted in Jews dying in the Holocaust. Even Stephen Steinlight, who advocates restriction of Muslim immigration [and only Muslim immigration], termed  the 1924 law “evil, xenophobic, anti-Semitic,” “vilely discriminatory,” a “vast moral failure,”a “monstrous policy”; see here, p. 5.)

Assimilation to Swedish culture was viewed as an unacceptable goal:

The starting point was thus a cultural pluralist perspective, which meant that immigrants with massive government intervention and financial support would be encouraged to preserve their culture (and thus send out signals to the world that Sweden is a tolerant country where everyone is welcome). The meeting between the Swedish culture and minority cultures would be enriching to the whole community and the majority population would begin to adapt to the minorities.  …

It is not a coincidence that Europe’s organized Jews consistently dissociate themselves from politically organized critics of Islam, because every negative generalization towards a minority group ultimately can hit the Jews.

The article notes that Jews are motivated by the desire to break down ethnically and culturally homogeneous societies because of fear that such societies may turn on Jews, as occurred in Germany, 1933–1945, but also because of traditional Jewish hatred toward the Christian civilization of the West. It concludes by noting that, besides Jewish media ownership, Jewish influence was facilitated by the dominance of academic anthropology by the Boasian school — a Jewish intellectual movement — and its views on cultural relativism and denigration of Western culture.

We agree entirely that Jewish influence stems from their being an academic and media elite, as well as their ability to develop highly effective, well-funded activist organizations. Here, the role of Bruno Kaplan of the World Jewish Congress is emphasized.

This is an important contribution to the understanding of the impending death of the West. Needless to say, such an analysis does not obviate the need for an understanding of why Western cultures have been uniquely susceptible to ideologies that view the destruction of the West as a moral imperative. Nevertheless, it is vitally important to understand the forces that have actively sought to move Western cultures in this direction.

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