VIDEO: NYPD Arresting Violent NoDAPL Protesters in New York City

After President Donald Trump signed an executive order to move forward with the Dakota Access Pipeline, disruptive leftwing primitives took to the streets of New York this evening to protest the President’s move. It didn’t take long for the protests, also known by the hashtag #NoDAPL to get ugly. NYPD began arresting NODAPL protesters on 55th Street for disorderly conduct and blocking the streets.

NoDAPL are protesting against Donald Trumps executive order to move forward with the Dakota Pipeline. The protests started at 59th and went all the way to Trump Tower and back around to 55th. They took to the streets and blocked cars, stopped traffic causing traffic jams and chaos. So police started to arrest anyone who didn’t stay on the sidewalk. They chanted and demanded that the police let them march and continue their chaos.

That is not free speech.

Ayn Rand said, ” There is no such thing as “symbolic speech.” You do not have the right to parade through the public streets or to obstruct public thoroughfares. You have the right of assembly, yes, on your own property, and on the property of your adherents or your friends. But nobody has the “right” to clog the streets. The streets are only for passage. The hippies, in the 60s, should have been forbidden to lie down on city pavements. (They used to lie down across a street and cause dreadful traffic snarls, in order to display their views, to attract attention, to register a protest.) If they were permitted to do it, the Nazis should be permitted as well. Properly, both should have been forbidden. They may speak, yes. They may not take action at whim on public property.”

As for the pipeline – it’s all to the good which is why the left hates it: San Diego Tribune pointed to this: 

Trump is keeping a campaign promise

Trump said months ago that he would be willing to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline as president.

“Any regulation that’s outdated, unnecessary, bad for workers or contrary to the national interest will be scrapped and scrapped completely,” Trump said in Bismarck, North Dakota, in May. “We’re going to do all this while taking proper regard for rational environmental concerns.”

2. Job creation

As Trump signed the executive actions on Tuesday, he emphasized job creation. “A lot of jobs…great construction jobs,” he said from the Oval Office.

The State Department has projected the number of jobs supported by the Keystone Pipeline alone to be about 42,000 during the construction period. However, many opponents raise the argument that most of those jobs would disappear after construction.

3. The demand for more oil

The point of the Keystone XL project is to bring crude oil from Canada to the United States in response to large demand, particularly from southern states. The Dakota Access Pipeline would carry oil from North Dakota to Illinois.

Supporters want to see the demand met in North America where possible, rather than from Latin America or the Middle East.

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