Here’s What REALLY Happened with the “Missing” LGBT White House Page

Donald Trump’s administration was fervently lambasted by the mainstream media for deleting White House website pages about gay rights and climate change.

However, the mainstream media published this story without taking the time to check facts once again. The LGBT and climate change White House website pages were “deleted” after the inauguration, but so were the pages for senior citizens, economy, taxes, trade, and homeland security — only because all the pages were being updated!

What happened was very simple and innocent. President Obama’s White House website was in the midst of being replaced with President Trump’s website – just as has happened with every president who has been elected since the internet was born.

All of the pages of Donald Trump’s White House website will have different URL’s than the pages of Barack Obama’s White House website. The disappearance of ALL the pages was caused by the rewriting and editing of the pages.

Obama’s was switched to a new domain name at, just as when President George W. Bush left office and his website URL was changed to:

The mainstream media did not accuse Barack Obama of being a child-hater when the White House page for kids created under George W. Bush disappeared. When clicking on ANY one of those page titles the liberal pundits claimed were deleted, the viewer was greeted with a 404 “not found error.”

The media chose to only report on the liberal-leaning page topics being missing – clearly crafting a narrative to fit their personal bias.

After TechCrunch posted its own screenshot of the missing White House website pages, the group demanded to know why they were deleted. The story, full of missing or inaccurate information, quickly went viral.

CBC News picked up the gauntlet and posted, “Moments after Donald Trump became president, the White House’s LGBT rights page disappeared.” Then, People Magazine chimed in with, “Trump’s White House Website Takes Down Official Pages on Civil Rights, Climate Change, LGBT Rights.”

The Daily Beast added: “Trump’s WhiteHouse.Gov Disappears Civil Rights, Climate Change, LGBT Rights.” Forbes, Vox, and the Chicago Tribune all reported pages had “gone missing,” “were revised,” or had something of a similar accusatory tone in their stories.

The story, of course, also took hold on Facebook. Liberal anti-Trump activists used the missing pages—just those particular two pages of course—as a rallying cry to urge people to go to the Women’s March on Saturday.

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