“Pegasus Museum” is Not Open to the Public, even though major construction took place several months ago

‘Pegasus kill room’ a.k.a. “Pegasus Museum” piques interest of researchers and general public

WASHINGTON D.C.  – According to Pizzagate researcher, David Seaman’s sources – people interviewed in the area have not noticed much human activity, “people coming and going,” at the so-called Pegasus Museum after a spurt of “major construction” which took place a “few months ago.”

Locals in the vicinity who were interviewed say that as passersby they “asked at different times when they were walking down the alley what type of construction they were doing [at the building] and they said that they never got a straight answer, it was like they did not want to talk about it,” a source told Seaman.

Additionally, according to the source, people in the area had no idea that the building housed a museum and oddly said that they have never heard of it before.

“Isn’t that unusual,”

“Shouldn’t a museum have set business hours and lines of people out front and a box-office for tickets and all of that?”

Why is it that the people that live there have never heard of this property referred to as a museum before?”

Even Google maps shows it as a Museum, and PedoPlace

PEGASUS Museum pedo place kill room

PEGASUS is all about the building at the back alley of 3516 11th St NW Washington, DC 20010

The Pegasus Museum came under fire after a Jan. 8 article exposed Comet Ping Pong and Pizza owner James Alefantis’ ties to the building which has been dubbed by people online as the ‘Pegasus kill room.’

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