BREAKING: Mexico SURRENDERS, Announces Massive Wall Payment

According to a recent article in ElFinanciero, President Enrique Peña Nieto has confirmed that, on his own, he will work to strengthen the wall at the U.S. border.

This contradicts something he said later, stating, “Obviously, we have some differences with the next U.S. government, like the issue of a wall that Mexico of its own will not pay.

My guess is the Mexican president will work to make border controls on their own side much better in an effort to pacify Trump while at the same time making a stink about whatever wall Trump has erected on the U.S. side of the border.

Now, as I stated when Trump first made this statement, I never expected Mexico to write a check and hand the cash over for the wall.

From day one, I tried to explain that initially the cost would come from our tax dollars, but that money would eventually be recovered through better trade agreements and taxes imposed on our southern neighbor.

When push comes to shove, the Mexicans really don’t have a choice. The United States will be fine without them, but the reverse surely is not true.

If Mexico loses its ties to the United States and the tourist money, it would not take long for Mexico to become the next Greece.

Nieto can posture all he wants, but he knows that, ultimately, it will not be U.S. money that pays for that wall. It may take a few years, but the money We the People front for this project will eventually be paid back in pesos and probably with a LOT of interest!

Instead of arguing about it, Nieto would be much better served to work with Trump on the project and get this relationship started off on the right foot. Otherwise, he is in for a long four, possibly eight years.

Ultimately, the wall will be built, so it is a matter of Nieto saving some face and Trump playing along. However, I would caution the Mexican president from pushing his bogus stance about the wall because we all know what happens when Trump gets pissed off at someone! Just go ask Hillary how that works out!

First, Mexico said it was willing to rework NAFTA, which had Trump supporters going crazy, but this second announcement is even better!

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