BIKERS FOR TRUMP Vow to Defend Trump Inauguration Forming a Wall of Protection

Chris Cox, Bikers for Trump founder, joined Stewart Varney on Friday to discuss plans for next week’s Inauguration.

bikers for trump rally
Bikers for Trump announced plans to protect Trump and Inaugural attendees. Cox says the bikers will “form a wall of meat” if needed.

Bikers for Trump posted an announcement of their plans for Inauguration week on Facebook.


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  • willi

    Wish I could be their with BIKERS FOR TRUMP I am sure my VETERAN BROTHERS WILL STAND with you,If I could get a ride their I would go, any Takers IT WOULD BE THE HONOR OF MY LIFE,bell you only live once. [email protected]

  • Sweeeeeeeet , its a good thing !

    don’t take any bullshit boys, kick some ass and be done with it with any provocations or attempts to foul the day !