Video: “Machine Consciousness” Is a Grand Science Hoax — Here’s Why

To the techno-worshippers, humans will soon become “immortal” because they will be able to “transfer” their consciousness into machines. Or AI systems will become “self aware,” achieving the same mind consciousness that we experience as living, spirit-imbued beings with free will.

Today, was just released a new mini-documentary called The Folly of Machine Consciousness. It reveals why all those who claim machines will attain consciousness are not just wrong, but deeply misguided.

As part of the argument, the documentary also reveals why memory is not physically stored in the brain. Despite their best efforts, the most brilliant doctors, scientists and neurologists of our modern world still cannot find physical “locations” in the brain for memory. The fallacy of biochemical memory is obliterated in this mini-documentary.

Consciousness is not an artifact of complex neurology. It is a self-contained, non-physical layer of existence that interfaces with the physical brain to translate conscious intentions into physical actions in a three dimensional world.

As explain in the video: You will never find yourself in a machine.

Watch the mini-documentary here (15 minutes duration).

H/T: NaturalNews

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  • tjh14

    Most Excellent.

  • Robin Miller

    I want the 15 minutes back wasted watching this “documentary.” No evidence provided to prove the narrator’s claims, and not a little straw-man argumentation. The narrator chooses to ignore actual biophysical knowledge/fact that memory is encoded in the brain via physical changes in neurons, i.e., in the number, length, and interconnection of synapses. He’s counting on the scientific illiteracy of the viewer to make his case.