THIS ‘Help Wanted’ Sign Should Be On Every Business In America – Spread This Everywhere!

Whether this is real or just a prank by a frustrated boss, this sign is AWESOME and should be placed in the front window of every single business in America.

The help wanted notice says “We do not hire liberals.” It may have been photo-shopped, but its true nonetheless! It should be everywhere!

Why on earth would any boss or business owner want to hire a Liberal? Anyone who loathes capitalism as much as they do surely is not going to work hard to earn a dollar.

A lack of comprehension would be problematic in any career. The sore loser whining after the election proves how difficult it is for Liberals to understand and comprehend even the basic principles this country was founded upon.

Most of them appear to have slept through their high school American history or civic class. Had they been awake, learning majority rule is associated with democracies and not a republic which has an Electoral College system, and the reasoning behind our system, then the election wouldn’t have come as such a shock.

Everything the “help wanted no Liberals need apply” sign says is true. I am just curious what finally pushed the boss or owner over the edge and prompted him to tap,tap, tap away at his keyboard to draft the employment notice.

Perhaps a millennial snowflake staged a protest with co-workers while flipping burgers and lamenting how they should be making mega bucks for the menial task. Maybe the millennial’s list of demands include a safe space on the premises so workers can go color and curl up with a blankie after customers demand they actually do their jobs and provide prompt service with a smile.

Logic and reasoning are not part of the Liberal tool box either, the help wanted sign definitely got that right. The Liberals among us constantly let their emotions, and their staunch biases, rule their every move and utterance.

Trying to reason with a Liberal is impossible. Believe me, I have tried at Thanksgiving and Christmas every year. I must confess to having a Liberal brother. I would rather chew on glass than try to infuse logic or common sense into our chats ever again – it just doesn’t work.

But this year, this year I will gloat. Hillary Clinton lost and American won , so I will be smiling like a Cheshire cat at my parent’s house. My Liberal brother will not be in a “peace on earth” kinda mood when he sees me walk in!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement
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